Happy Anniversary to my hubby

Yeah I know usually I just talk about the weather and post up pretty posies but you know what? It is my seventh anniversary today and I just wanted to shout out to my sweet hubby who has made it possible for me to spend time taking photos at all hours of the day.

Pretty pink petals for a Tuesday

Cloudy yet again

Gonna be another week of off and on rain it seems so how about something sunny?

Happy pot Father’s day

Yup I was off line for the weekend so I could enjoy time with y hubby. We were out most of Saturday and I remembered to bring my camera! So I got some nice pics, though I will say it was wet on Saturday.

Heating back up again

Well one of the things I will need to do soon is either delete a bunch of my older posts from years ago or set up a new blog for my photos. I would rather try remove old posts but we will see right? As for today here you go.


Here comes the thunder again

Looks like we are in for another big storm today. The weather folks say it will hit in the late afternoon but i can feel the humidity going up again. Odd how humidity is a big factor in making my joints hurt. So today I will do some older photos and go hide in my basement.


What a lovely day

Temps are in the range of breathability today. Yes I need a fan but that is to just move the air around. It is always a good thing when you can move and not feel drenched.  So lets see what I can give you today.

Waiting on the rain

Yeah there is a thunderstorm just waiting to break. Hopefully I get all the updating done that I try to do daily before it does.

So obviously I didn’t go out this morning. Not a good idea if lightening happens. So here are some pretty pics for you today

Hot, muggy Monday…

On mornings like this one I long for a nice cool forest with a babbling brook. Now I have a babbling brook across the street but we all know you can’t spend all day there.

Now today is going to be ridiculous. No matter how many people try to tell me that this weather is great, they are nuts. I am sorry but 30C with major humidity that makes you sweat just breathing and makes your breath not work so well, is pure torture to a lot of us.

So some pretty pictures are what I will post, then I will think about being a bear and hibernating in the basement.

Sunday morning sunshine

Birds are calling, chipmunks are chirping and the cat is shooting me ugle looks cause I wont let her out to chase all the wildlife. Yesterday I went out and got a bunch of new photos to share. Irises are in bloom and it was really a good walk.