Way too buzy lately.

Okay I go through some major spurts and stops when it comes to everything. There are newish photos of course but they are squeezed between making videos, photo poems, photo stories and many of the other creative endevours I have. So here are a few and I will try to get back out again later this weekend.


Oy vey…I thought today was to be cooler!

Weather is back

Went out early with my daughter. Good thing too since it has been raining off and on for hours.

Daily Photo

Since i am running out of space here I will be only posting one photo a day up here for a little bit till I do some major cleaning out and reorganizing of this blog.



Hey it cooled off

Yup. It was dark and cloudy for a good portion of the morning. I actually had to close the sliding door because my feet got chilly! Now a lot of people will be complaining but I like it when the temps are on the cooler side. While August will be hot, humid and plain disgusting in my view, these few days of cooler temps make it easier for me.

Now here are some lovelies for you nice folks. My oldest daughter came up to visit and she took my youngest to the Toronto Aquarium. So my sweet kid took photos to share with mom who didn’t get to go. The sea horse might be fuzzy but I ADORE sea horses.

Alone again

Yup my youngest has gone camping with friends and the oldest is back in the States. Hubby is at work like always so it is quiet and I need to blast tunes while I search through photos!

Humidity…it sucks

It might be officially only 19C with a real feel of 24c but I don’t care what they say it feels a lot hotter. The humidity is sitting at 83% and supposedly low UV but I am looking out of my window and sun is streaming in strongly. It is just too bright, to hot nad too humid to do much today for me. I know some of you are used to much hotter temps or higher humidity but remember folks I life in Canada! So here are some pretty flowers that are growing over by the local grocery store.

A week or so later

Last night we went to pick up pizza and the show is over by the Shopper’s drug mart. I have posted images from there earlier and a week later the buds have opened nicely on the ones I posted up before.


Finally back

Yeah I know I have been gone a week. Between connectivity issues with WordPress, getting ready for a family visit, having my Eldest daughter come to visit from the US, the after math and then going to a Game Expo, well I just haven’t had time till today to post. I did take some nice little photos over the weekend so here you go.


Due to connectivity issues with WordPress I have not been posting. I will be back to daily posting on Monday.