OMG Photos!

Yup it has been a while since I posted any images for people to look at.  Blame it on me being a busy beaver writer, blame it on the season or just blame me for forgetting.  Either way here are some of the very first images of a late spring here in Barrie, Ontario

102_4684 102_4703102_4714102_4705


The last one I have no idea what it is!  It looks like pussy willow but on a tree!




  1. They are Japanese barberry bush, crocus flower, American robin and pussy willow tree flower buds.

    • Thank you! I knew the crocus and the robin but the other two were not something I had seen till I moved here. Hopefully the weather improves and I can get a lot more photos for my next photography/poetry book

      • You are welcome! I am a landscaper so I see them and plant them often so I know some plants! 🙂

        You might find that you have more nice plants growing once the weather is warm.

    • Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brgtihened my day!

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