I have a new memory card!

Okay I have not used it yet but I will later today.  Today I thought I would just post up some more pretty pics before I settle down to trying to come up with the right images for my next poetry collections.  While I could go all flowers it would not fit the feel of the three little books I have planned.  It is hard to come up with the right image for Ragged Edges or Scars or even Skin.  I don’t want them to seem sloppy or rushed but I can’t come up with the right image so far.

Well today I will just give you some nice little photos and hope you enjoy them and they make you smile.


between the slats purple beauty sunrise blossom  I had sent these three images over to be used with the Twist of Fate charity anthology but they were not selected.  Now that doesn’t bother me since I have two poems in that wonderful collection but they do deserve to be shown somewhere right?  So many blossoms are out in the neighborhood.  I wish I knew the name of all the flowers I have found but I don’t.  I thin later today I might even take my sketch pad and color pencils and do some art of the flowers blooming by my front steps.  I may not be very good at it but it is soothing and those images make me smile almost as much as the wonderful photos I have managed to take over the past three years.


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