A lovely anniversary

Yup it is my third wedding anniversary with my sweet hubby.  The memory card he got might be a bit smaller than my old one but it allows me to do what I enjoy.  Yesterday I took an hour and wandered around taking photos and just having a grand time again.  It definitely effects my mood when I can’t take my camera with me when I go for a walk.  I didn’t just take the camera of course.  Took my sketch pad and my notepad and got a lot done in the heat of the afternoon.  but that was yesterday.  This morning after a wonderful breakfast out I managed to find a few little things to take photos of before my batteries died.  I really need to remember to bring my spares with me!  I managed three photos before the set of batteries I had died but here they are

100_5341 100_5342 100_5343  The feather caught my eye on the sidewalk and it was just odd enough to need a photo taken.  The flowers were actually part of the landscaping in a parking lot near the dollar store!  I had planned on getting the flowers over by the bank but well…dead batteries!

Now I also have images from my fun walk yesterday, some of them will need cropping 100_5278 100_5285 100_5301 100_5323 100_5325  The sketches I worked on I have not finished yet but once I do I will post them up here for comments.  The poetry will go over on books by lisa williamson blog


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