Too hot to hunt for new…

Okay these aren’t really old, having only been taken in the earlier part of the week.  I have been down the past day with back pain so I just didn’t feel like hunting out new images out side.  I should hopefully have some tomorrow or the next day as my very own garden flowers are getting ready to pop a lot of blooms.  I can not wait.  I started those flowers from seeds and it is nice to see them growing big.  Besides it has been raining off and on here today and I would rather not get all wet today.  But these are pretty…I have no idea (like most of my images) what they are called but they caught my eye.  I really need to remember to bring all my spare batteries when I go out hunting the illusive flower don’t I?

100_5497 100_5478 100_5470 100_5465 100_5455  I have more of course but for today I think these are just the best.  I really liked the little white snow drops against the purple blossoms


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