Walking home from the clinic

Now like a silly fool or a concerned parent I forgot my camera this morning.  Thankfully the flowers all over the sides of the road are a lot like the ones I have taken pictures of.  Yes I ham more images that I haven’t tossed up here yet.  Heck i have so many I could take over the whole site with images from around me.  My own flowers are getting ready to put out new blossoms that I wonder what color they will be.

100_5501 100_5436 100_5418 100_5416

And since my garden is turning into something really nice I decided to take a few photos of the flowers and the veggies

100_5551 100_5540 100_5541 100_5542 100_5545 100_5547 100_5548  Course I have other plants.  I seem to have lost my tags telling me which veggie this is…anyone know?

100_5543 They have gotten quite big and I thought they were broccoli but obviously I was wrong…


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