Weather makes it hard to take photos

We have been in a series of storms this week so I will be grabbing photos here and there and putting them up.

100_5549 having your own flowers grown from seed by your front stairs can give you some interesting angles to take pics of.  i was surprised at home nice this looks.

And on the other side sometimes something that looks really good in the real world just doesn’t translate to a photo, like this wild plant  100_5482  This was a beautiful winy red color in the sun light but for some reason the images come across a yucky brown in the camera…don’t know why.  These on the other hand came out rather nice from my walk with my daughter100_5481 This image is actually  further down the creek from were I usually take images 100_5477 While i take a lot of images of blossoms I do find trees, leaves and seeds fun to take too.100_5438 100_5402 Simple trees give the nicest little images that can be used for lot of fun things like book covers, backgrounds or place mats if you want to be fancy


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