Early Morning in my garden

Well the weather is not really any better so I haven’t wandered like normal.  Instead when  I went out to water my plants this morning I decided to take photos of my tomato, mint and pea plants..and the big old flowering thing that a neighbor gave me…they aren’t the best shots but I will try to get something nicer later…if it doesn’t pour out again!

100_5579 100_5570 100_5571 100_5572 100_5573 100_5574 100_5575 100_5576 100_5577 100_5578  As you can sorta see my tomatoes have started to put out the fruit.  I can not wait to eat my very own home grown tomatoes.  Now I have to decide if the other veggies are ready.  I have carrots, beets, green beans, broccoli and onions..oh yeah and zucchini but i think that plant might not have taken.  My flowers from out front are doing great and as I said that plants my next door neighbor gave me are putting out blooms…it is a nice feeling for sure!


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