A week more of humidity? Well here are some pretties

Really I have to go out right after the sun comes up to get images right now.  So very very hot outside and the humidity it making it hard on the old injuries but I still found some nice things to photograph right outside my down.  My neighbor is a landscaper so he has planted some really nice things and a couple others have close buy.  So I tip toed around outside on the still wet and cool grass (that felt so good too!) and got these images

100_5654 100_5634 100_5637 100_5638 100_5639 100_5640 100_5642 100_5643 100_5645 100_5647 100_5650  Okay I got a lot of really good images and I am glad.  Four of the blossoms are actually from my own garden.  I love that things I started as a simple seed have grown into lovely flowers.


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