Sunday morning walk to the clinic

This week has been a rough one on my loved ones.  The hubby and daughter both are ill.  Today we walked up the street to the clinic.  Now what amazed me on this walk is I can remember three years ago when that walk left me panting and achy.  Now I was like, what we are there all ready?  Guess i am in better shape than I was.  I wont say great shape because I will probably never be.

Now as for the flowers..yes more of those.  Found some pretty stuff just on the other side of the bridge over the creek and then in the back parking lot of the clinic…so I thought I would share

100_5798 100_5797 100_5796 100_5794 100_5799 kay not as pretty as yesterday but it was nice to see that there are other weeds, I mean blossoms, that I haven’t taken pics of.  If the weather stays nice maybe tomorrow I will head down toward this one place that seems to be a gardener’s dream house.  We will see


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