Where has summer gone?

The temps this week have been much cooler than any of us expected.  They will be back up to normal next week but it does make you wonder about the world around you.  The odd summer has made growing my own plants a bit harder than expected.  I have a lot of pretty flowers out front but my strawberries haven’t gotten far and my tomatoes are only starting to get well grown.  I have a handful of tiny tomatoes on my plant right now that I will pluck probably by the end of the month.  I have found green tomatoes are great in a stir fry.  But enough about food and gardening.  I know you all come here to see the pretty blossoms that I have taken photos of.  So here you go.


100_2758 100_2108 100_2114 100_2162 100_2165 100_2334 Here is hoping I haven’t duplicated my pretty flowers.


1 Comment

  1. It has been a very strange year in my flower and vegetable gardens in Maine as well.

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