Soft music and softer days

Okay normally I just toss up some images and let you all enjoy the flowers of my world.  I have tossed in images from the creek and of course the animals that I can get to sit still long enough for my camera but I am sititng here today and running down my own history.  Listening to old songs from when i was a teenager, reading stories I began in my twenties and of course looking at old photos.  While those days were filled with love, laughter, pain and sorrow, madness and pain I still found time to see the wonder around me, even if for a moment.  These images are on my hard drive and they remind me of my middle daughter.  A woman grown and living her life far from me.  She took these with my camera way back before I left the US.  I miss her as I look at these

IM00 100_0078 100_0089 IM00 IM00 PENTAX Image  Photographs don’t have to be amazing to make you feel.  Sometimes it is just something silly, like the tricycle shot, and you are transported back to something in your past.  My kids are all quite good with a camera.  I like to think that they got that ability from me.


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