First day of school means more time to take photos

Yes it does!  I got a lot of them on my walk back from dropping off the kid.  We have had so much rain lately that going out was not worth the effort but this morning i managed quite a few pretty photos.  I won’t share them all today but here are some of the best of what I took.  With fall barreling down on Ontario quickly I am going to have only so many more days of flowers to take pics of.  Will have to find new things to photograph.

100_6037 100_5998 100_6008 100_6027  The first one is from my garden.  Those blossoms just lined up so pretty I had to take a picture.  The rest are from around the complex.  I loved the rose just against that angel.  It is a very sweet image don’t you think?  I just may use it for a book cover.


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