New trouble with my camera.

The oddest thing happened today with my camera.  I opened up the camera to switch batteries and when I went to close it back up the battery door keeps popping open!  This is not a good thing.  There is no way I can currently afford a new camera and I happen to adore the camera I have.

With the season starting to wind down I want to get as many photos in as I can.  Photography can be so much fun as i hope my photos have shown.  While the best of my photos seem to be of flowers, I do use my camera to take photos of my paintings


of my attempts at gundam model kits


And for my cooking blog


So losing my camera would be a major blow to how I connect with the world.  Nature in all her wondrous shades will always be an inspiration for my art, my cooking and my writing.

100_1682 100_1857 IMG_0553  So I will do my best to keep taking wonderful shots and include them on this blog till I have to get a new camera.  So here is what you readers all seem to come look at.  More flowers from the window of my mind

100_1780 100_1817 100_1778


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