Second day of blah hot weather

Lucky for me today my wrists are not acting up like yesterday.  It means I can get work done.  I know I usually post up my photos here for you all to enjoy but I also use a lot of them for book covers and inspiration for drawings and paintings.

For the brief time I was outside today I looked around and was amazed at the amount of blossoms now on the ground.  While it might feel like the height of summer it is after all nearly fall.  The heat, humidity and yes the upcoming thunderstorms are quickly stripping away the summer beauty all around me.  I am lucky that my cosomos have lasted so long.  In fact I never knew when I planted them that they would grow so big and beautiful.  It was a great experiment for me after all.  To start with a packet of seeds and just hope that the ground by my front door was good enough for them to grow.  I have posted images from my garden before but well…I want to again!


000_0025 100_6033 100_6034 100_6035 100_6036 100_6037 100_6042

I have Nasturium, Cosmos and Alyssum.  Now on the package of the Cosmoss it shows white and two shades of pink.  Some how I think these lovely two tones are just a combo of those two.  Now I have to research these flowers to see if I will be planting them again next year or just letting them come up and fill my front steps with their lovely color.  Though it is interesting that the white Cosmos were up, bloomed and gone long before these two tones came up (on the same bush!)



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