Fall is coming for sure

This weekend the equinox will be upon us.  Have you brought in your plants?  Have you prepared for pumpkins and squash and ghosts and ghoulies?  Well we all have things we look forward to at this time of year.  For me it is the changes.

So today you get images of something other than flowers.  These are not just from the fall but from spring till now.  As we know flowers can become fruit or seed pods so why not take good images of them too?

100_4251 100_4335 100_5435 100_5584 100_5771 100_5966


Some are prettier than others but all of these were found within a short walk of my home.  From the creek to a neighbor’s yard.  Once more beauty is within easy grasp, if you pause, look around and see with open eyes and open hearts


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