Cold and wet again

It is really feeling like late fall out there.  The tress has mostly shed their leaves and the rain has washed away any color left to us.  The bright flowers of spring and summer are now dead or dying.  My lovely Cosmo bush looks like so much flotsam right now.  But oddly enough I still seem to have these tiny white flowers by my door.  I had planted them back in the spring thinking they would become a ground cover on that section of my yard.

When I planted them I didn’t realize that the Cosmos would go wild and grow into this huge lovely bush

100_6035 I was not at all upset at the time because the colors were so lovely and they just kept blooming right up until the temps dropped well below the freezing mark.

But now these simple little white flowers are all I have left and in a way they are more beautiful because they lasted so long.  They lasted past the fight for water, nutrients and sunlight.  Gotta give these little things a thumbs up right?


102_6099 Okay this is just an image of the dying leaves instead of the flowers but my batteries are dead!


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