Patterns in the snow

Now I couldn’t take a camera with me on this morning’s walk.  Neither camera in the house seems to want to work for me in the snow and cold but I still had a good time.

See It is cold.  We all know it is cold but well when you are walking on really really cold days you have to dress up really warm.  So today I had the hat and scarf and sweater and coat and the whole mix.

One problem with wearing all that is that on cold day your breath will cause things like glasses to fog up.  Now I wear glasses like most people to see far away.  I have trouble seeing past the length of my arm and glasses make everything sharp but with the cold they fogged over and would not clear.I finally decided I had to take them off and just pay attention while I was walking.

Now a strange thing happened when I did, I noticed patterns.  We all see them all the time in winter.  We see those dirty tire tracks in the snow that when looked at with sharp and clear vision just look like a mess.  Now without my glasses things are not as clear and sharp and I found out things that surprised and delighted me.

Those brown and grey tire tracks in the snow suddenly looked more like a knit pattern of a sweater.  as I walked across the parking lot at the grocery store the patterns changed with each different type of car.  Some were big almost like chains and others looked like delicate lace.  Then there was the places where the snow was either turned into ice or just wet and there were diamond like sparkles on the ground.  It was so amazing.  Things that seemed dirty and just plain normal became beautiful because I was seeing things in a different way!

Now I know many of you don’t have the option of just removing your glasses to see thing differently but maybe you should just try to relax and look abut you.  You never know what you might see.


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