Been a while..or I gotta fix my camera

I know I posted a lot of images over the spring, summer and fall but I have fallen way behind over this winter.  Mostly this is because my camera needs repairs.  The case has an issue so that the battery door will not stay closed.  As you can imagine that causes issues when you want to take pictures.  I could use my hubby’s camera but it is a different machine and doesn’t always take the photos I expect.  So while I am working out whether we should get a new case for the camera or just give up and get a new camera I have decided I will just post up a few photos from the past three plus years (Ones I have not before)

If you are like me you are dead tired of winter.  We are in (hopefully) the final dog days of winter.  The temps are beyond cold here and as I look out the window I am trying to decide if the wind is whipping up the snow or if we are getting yet MORE snow.  This winter, as you all know, has been a wild one.  With super low, lows, lots of snow and ice and rain and even a snow tornado down in the states.  Just crazy.

It makes many of us dream of those lazy, hazy days of summer.  Me…it makes me so look forward to the time when the snow is gone and I can go out and walk around with a camera, taking photos of the flowers that poke through places you would never expect.  The weeds that I have found if viewed the right way are more beautiful than the cultivated roses that the world thinks is the most beautiful.  So here you go.  Enjoy the warm feelings.

100_1655 100_1656 100_1665 000_0028 100_1606 100_1618


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