When will all this snow stop? Anyone?

Yet again as I look out my window it is snowing.  Now this would not be so bad if I had boots and gloves and a working camera.  I could go out and do some photos of the creek or of the snow pack outside my door.  The two bikes that my hubby and daughter left on the back patio are now pretty much invisible.  A small bit of handles are showing and that is it.  There will be some major sanding and oiling needing to be done come the mythical spring right folks?

Now as much as I enjoy a good snowstorm, the beauty of the freshly fallen snow, the glistening of the crystalline structures, well it has gotten to be too much.  It is March 4th.  Time for a bit of melt don’t you think?  Now a lot of you out there are starting to see, if not real sping, a hint of it.   I have friends all over talking about flowers poking up their heads or spring birds starting to show up but not so here.

The hubby did see bunny tracks at a friends house but no such luck for me.  It is deary and cold and almost to the screaming memes here.  I just watch the squirrel chasing each other and hope for something warm.  We are not expected to get above freezing for at least another week.  Just …AARRGGHHHH

Okay enough complaining.  How about some photos to lighten our day?


100_1680 100_1674 100_1675 100_1677 100_1678 100_1679  Yes some of these I have used before and some of them are from summer but I REALLY need Spring to spring all ready!



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