Is it really nearly spring? Where?

Yup up here in Canada you still can’t see the ground.  There are supposedly places in town where you can almost see the grass…what grass?  I still look out my window to piles of snow.  I haven’t been out much at all lately due to a bad head cold, well that and a lack of good footwear!

I sit here hoping for spring.   I can see the squirrels poking their heads out of their dens and running around, chasing each other.  A new crop of babies will show up soon and I will be glad of it.  Winter has gone on too long this year.  We need to have days and days of temps over the freezing mark and no more snow.  I want to go out with my hubby’s camera and get images of flowers again.

But since I can’t how about I give you some from last year?

100_1860 100_1602 100_1618 100_1622 100_1771  They may not be the most beautiful things, they might just be weeds but right now I think we all agree that spring need to come and we need to see something bright and cheery again.



  1. I missed the snow this winter….but the compensation is that spring has sprung in all her glorious colours 🙂

    • You are quite lucky then. I still have a few feet of show on my back patio right now. I really want to see some green right now.

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