Spring…where are you?

As most of you know the vernal equinox was last week.  In other words Spring was supposed to have sprung last week.  We had a day of temps warm enough for the hubby to go outside in a light jacket and toss a ball around with some of the local kids.  This did not last.  On friday we had another snow storm over night.  When I got dressed to go get some necessary things for baking there was five inches of snow on the front steps of my apartment.

Now I could go on about living in the great white north and all but when even the kids are going “AW Come On!  Enough!”  You know that winter has been around too long this year.  As I look outside my sliding glass door I am both annoyed and a little depressed.  What I see is this

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA When what I want to see is more like this 100_1773  Now the sun is out and shining, which of course is a wonderful thing but with the temps well below the freezing mark I won’t be seeing green for a while.  Though if I pay attention to the squirrels chasing each other and the mass of small birds zooming past my window I could be wrong.  Many people are commenting about hearing the change in the calls that come from the chickadees.  Those wonderful little birds who make calls letting us know they are ready to get busy making baby birds.

So in a serious wish for spring, for a chance to go for a walk and not worry about falling on my butt because of ice I am putting up more photos from springs past and I will be getting out all the necessary equipment to celebrate what I hope will be a fine month of April.

102_4726 102_4731 102_4733 102_4735 100_4764 100_4769 100_4770 100_4771 100_4772 100_4773 100_4774 100_4787 100_4788 100_4790 102_4601 102_4602 102_4722 102_4723 102_4724


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