April 7th, Is that a Robin I see?

Yup it is.  After the first full week of April the temps are starting to go up.  Walking on Sunday and today is not quite the battle it was on Saturday.  Saturday the wind was fierce and cold and made us feel like winter would never go away.  But today as I walked to pick up a sick kid from school I was amazed at all the sounds around me.  I paused, closed my eyes and just listened to the sounds that have been gone for the past six months.  And lo, when I opened them back up again there in the lawn across the street was a familiar red breast.  Yes!  The robins have returned to Barrie.  Finally I can truly say winter is retreating here in Canada.

Now it doesn’t look it outside.  We still have piles of ice and snow.  Those dirty awful looking piles that you get at the end of winter.  Gone are the lovely crystalline drifts of pure white that we saw in December.  We now have ice jams and tiny little river running down the streets.  We have creeks and rivers getting ready to burst their banks and mud all over.

So no I don’t have photos from today.  They would be both depressing and messy.  Instead I have images of what we hope to see in the next two weeks.  The Christian holiday of Easter will be here and of course people will be putting out lilies and pansies and oh so many other things very soon.  So why not just take some of my shots from the past yeas and give them to you as a promise of what will come?

100_5777 100_5640 f0447328 100_4280 100_1675 102_4726  Yes some of these are more summer than spring but we need the sun, we need the color and we need to remember that very soon the birds and bees will be busy making our world a more wonderful and peaceful place.  Happy almost spring my friends.


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