It is really the end of April?

I look at the calender and see that today is the 28th.  Last year at this time the grass was green, the flowers had bloomed and it was warm.  Today is sunny, yes, but it is not really warm.  Yes it is warmer than it has been but we haven’t topped the temps I was hoping for.

I just a few days my middle daughter will be turning 22 and I can remember many times having little things outside with her.  When she was little I would take her out to the swings or to dig in the dirt, which was her happy time when little.

Now she is living in the deep south of the States with her dad, so  I am sure it is warm and flower scented in her neighborhood.  I had the real pleasure of spending a good part of a day with her recently and that reminded me that my middle daughter was also a fan of taking photos.  In fact I have used one of her photos for a cover of one of my short stories.

IM00 She set this up when I was at work one day way back when.  I was very proud of her and I don’t think I have told her enough how proud I am of her.

Here are a few other of the images she took that I think I will use in the future.

IM00 100_0078 100_0080 100_0084 100_0087 100_0092 100_0097 IM00  I am not taking credit for any of these.  This was all Deidre.  I hope she keeps taking photos.  She has the eye to find things around her, don’t you think?



  1. great pictures

    • My kids have good eyes for sure

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