Spring has finally really truly sprung in Canada

Yup it has.  We have lost the snow, the little carpet flowers are showing up on the ground and it was warm enough to take walks by the creek.

Now my camera is still down waiting on a replacement case and my hubby’s camera HATES me (okay just needs batteries and we are out) So today will be a post with some older photos again.  Now I don’t have to tell you these are older photos but I am all about being open about this stuff.

If I was a good photographer I would go through the huge file I have of images and actually organize them better.  Right now they are broke down a bit by type.  As in family photos, nature photos, flowers, animals, etc.  But I have not done this as of yet.

I know that some of the images I have put up have been put up more than once but well…I will get organized.

So how about a few images for your viewing pleasure today?


100_3201 100_1817 100_1861 100_2061 100_2099 Okay they are not the best pics and yes some of them are from summer but hey we need things that are pretty to look at


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