Monthly Archives: July, 2014

July is almost over

Yup it is. This summer has been odd. Due to my camera being dead I have not spent as much time wandering around looking for things to photograph. I keep feeling like I should but then I remember that I can’t really get good pics with the hubby’s camera….so what am I to do?  Why …

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A hot Monday in July

Well up here in the great white north we might not get as hot as the states and other places do but it has gotten hot and humid here today. With no AC in the house we have the fans running and I am looking forward to a nice cold drink to keep me going. …

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I’m back with some okay photos

Okay I missed posting last week because i was sicker than a dog.  Still sick but doing better.  Still using the hubby’s camera so the photos are not as nice as i would like but here we go! Now some of these are fuzzy.  It started to rain on me when I was out there …

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