The difference in a camera…or hmmm..not quite the same

Yup time for me to babble on this blog. Yes i know I generally just dump some pretty photos but I thought why not use my words too? =)

So here we go. As you that have followed this blog know, my camera is in a coma and I have been using my hubby’s camera for most of this year. It drives me nuts but I have gotten some really nice photos for sure.  But I was going through the images I have, trying to decide which would be good for a calendar and which would be better in a book..yes I will do those, I promise. But back to my comment.

I noticed that there is a big difference. Photos taken of the same field, at the same time of year, day, lighting, etc were very different from the two cameras. Now you might be thinking, DUH of course they are! But remember that neither camera is a high end camera. They are simple digital cameras where I have used the zoom to get close but no other fancy tricks. So the pics should look close to the same..(okay different in that they were different days) but I noticed something. The ones from the hubby’s camera were darker!  Here look:



As you can see, the top one is darker than the bottom one. The top one is from my hubby’s camera and the bottom from my old camera. Same field, same time of day, same lighting but a difference in how the image came out.  Both are good in my opinion but wow the different.  And NO I did not use a flash on either of them.  That is the natural lighting. So folks we see how simply a different camera can make a difference in your images.




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