Peace and Quiet

Over the past week I have been suffering. Our landlord, in their ultimate wisdom, decided to fix a gas leak in a neighbors apartment. Now this would not bother me so much, after all it was a gas leak. What bothered me is that without notice they went at it.

They brought in two different backhoes, a soil tamper (STOMPER), dump trucks, etc and tore up my back patio. By tore up I mean we had a six to seven foot hole from our sliding door to the hill behind us. All of this construction drove my allergies to the max, so built in headache, add in the stompers and drilling into the brick right behind my computer and we go into migraine.

It has been a week and I still don’t have a patio to sit in and watch the squirrels and chipmunks play…in fact I don’t have squirrels or chippies to watch!

My wonderful and sweet hubby decided last week that I needed to be out of the apartment and so he took me for a walk over to the creek. The wonderful place that I take most of my photos was running high thanks to all the rain we have had but the sweet burble of water over rocks was soothing to a head that was banging.

So this week I am posting up photos of the lovely creek. Not the animals or the flowers. No squirrels, no chippies, no flowers, no birds, no frogs or fish..just the lovely creek in all its wonderful beauty.

100_2138 100_2130 100_2131 100_2132 100_2133 100_2134 100_2135 100_2136 100_2137

100_3128 100_3122

P1090496 100_1408 100_1697 100_1704 100_1706 100_1708 100_2087 100_2088 100_3821 100_3822 100_3824 100_3830 100_3831 100_3832 100_5592 102_3668 102_3673 102_3675 102_3678 102_3679 102_3680 102_3682 P1090489 P1090490 P1090491 P1090493 P1090494 P1090495


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  1. Beautiful pictures, it looks so peaceful. Hope the headache/migraine has abated

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