Happy Veterans/Remembrance Day everyone

Another year and we are back to this solemn day. It is more solemn this year in Canada. In the past few weeks we have lost three service men. One was a training accident but two were taken out by misguided fools. Even though I am not Canadian by birth I have married one who is. I sat in shock when I saw the news of the shooting at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Ottawa and it does make you think. No matter where you are, their are men and women serving to protect you.

I offer this picture to honor those men, women and animals who work to protect us all. Be they army, navy, marine, airforce, coast guard or national guard. Be they police, firemen, paramedic, agents of alphabet agencies or others I don’t know, they all deserve to be remembered and honored on a day like today.

field-of-poppies This is not one of my photographs but poppies are the flower for remembrance/veterans day and there are never enough of them to honor everyone who deserves it.  Thank you to all who serve to make our lives safer.  May all the gods and goddesses bless and keep you all safe.



  1. Debra

    Not to mention all the civilians who die in armed conflict. It is actually safer to be a soldier than a little kid in some countries.


  1. Reflections on the Great War #2 | From guestwriters

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