Let it snow….no wait!

Yup winter is here. Yes I know thanksgiving isn’t for another two weeks but guess what? If you live in the north you are used to this. Being from New Hampshire I remember many a snow storm in the month of November. In fact going back just twelve years I very much remember a storm. On the day my youngest daughter decided to be born the temps were relatively warm for November. Two days later when we went home the temps had dropped dramatically and it was snowing like mad.

My very wonderful big brother brought us home from the hospital. He made sure to have the heat in his car cranked to its highest level so that she would not take a chill and stayed with her in the car when i went into the pharmacy for the meds I was supposed to have.

But as a person who is used to winter, well I enjoy the beauty that comes from snow. Those first storms make the world quite lovely. So while I still don’t have a working camera I do have many images of winter in Ontario.  Here you go


IMG_0553 IMG_0551 102_4593 It isn’t this deep yet but soon the world around me will look like this again and it makes me want to take my easel and paints and go paint something in shades of white, blue and grey..and just maybe make a masterpiece of beauty


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