Monthly Archives: February, 2015

Winter is refusing to let go!

Yeah I know it is the end of February and I shouldn’t expect that any green would be found. As I look out the sliding door across the room I see the shaodws of leafless branches swaying on the sparkling fresh white snow that fell yesterday. If i had a working camera I would take …

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Please oh please let the cold stop!

Yeah I know but darn it all it is freezing out and I really want it to be a bit warmer. Valentine’s day is Friday and oh boy it would be nice to have a nice warmish day. We need it a bit warmer, just enough so that it doesn’t snow any more! Okay complaining …

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Did he or didn’t he? Does it matter? Winter is here

Yup it is Groundhog day. That day when cruel and evil humans (not really but I am sure he thinks so) interrupt a good winter rest by the furry critters we have decided can forecast the end of winter. Now lets get this all right. No, no matter his name, groundhog is going to tell …

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