Did he or didn’t he? Does it matter? Winter is here

Yup it is Groundhog day. That day when cruel and evil humans (not really but I am sure he thinks so) interrupt a good winter rest by the furry critters we have decided can forecast the end of winter. Now lets get this all right. No, no matter his name, groundhog is going to tell us how long winter will last. Think about it folks. Winter, especially up north like we are, will last as long as it does. And remember folks spring equinox is always in March. About six weeks from now the day and the night will be equal and Spring will really be here.

Now as you all know I get a little sick of all the white stuff right about now. With more falling every day and the temps rarely coming up above the freezing point, well color will not be around for a long time yet. Like always I go through my photos and look for the best of them for you. Soon I will have a new camera and I will take new photos, but for now, enjoy these.

100_6037 102_4719 000_0042 100_1672 100_5640 100_5667 100_5669 100_5772 100_6001


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  1. beautiful flowers

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