It is Cinco De Mayo….oh who cares

Yes I is the fifth of May and a big day for those of Mexican descent. I am on the other hand an Scot-Irish American living in Canada. So the date doesn’t mean much to me.

But well some things do. Yesterday a neighbor posted up some photos with firetrucks and police cars out front of the complex. You see some stupid young men decided that they wanted to start a brush fire. Why does this bug me so much? Because it was done near where I normally go for my photo walks. They could have burned down the habitat for dozens of birds, beavers, squirrels, etc. That steams me in so many ways.

While normally I just post up pretty photos to make people’s day, this really really really annoys the frick out of me! It is bad enough that in places like this city people are constantly cutting down trees and just planting grass. Like giant swaths of plain grass is so much better than flowers and tree and all the lives that live in them.

So this week I will post the images I took before the idiots tried to destroy my happy place. They are not all that pretty because while it may by Cinco de Mayo, I am still in Canada and spring is barely sprung here. The only color is green or potted plants in the various garden shops. Soon though the world will explode into color here too

100_0238 100_0125 100_0126 100_0127 100_0129 100_0137 100_0193 100_0194 100_0201 100_0206 100_0208 100_0215 100_0220 100_0222 100_0228 100_0229 100_0232 100_0235


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  1. great photos

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