Summer is here even if the calendar does say so. Warmth is good

May is over now. I took these lovely images over the weekend. Today is the first day of June and it is amazing just how much of a difference a week can make in plants here in Canada. Last week most things were small and the buds were so tight. Now the bushes seemed to have grown a foot in just a week and the flowers are all blooming.

Once I finish up my blogging today I will be going out to wander and take some more photos…The temps are a bit cool right now so hopefully around lunchtime¬† it will warm up enough to enjoy a walk but not too much to make it hot.

I hope you enjoy these lovely images I have taken!

100_0473 100_0458 100_0461 100_0462 100_0463 100_0470 100_0471 the fun part about goin out is getting a mix of what I call domesticated flowers and wild flowers. The purple and white blossoms at the bottom were growing wild behind the local Bell Phone station (a switching site in a small building by a gas station) While the grass was mowed around the station they did not touch the strip between them and the gas station. Thankfully for me since I loved the colors mixing together like that.

The lilacs are all in bloom here and the air is heavy with that heavenly scent. While I know that this time of year is a pain in the head for a lot of us (Oh boy do I know about it, thank you allergies) I can’t help but adore how the world smells at this time.


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