The wonder of weather change or wait a bit the rain will stop

Luckily for me I am living north of the US right now. So when the rain hits it doesn’t last all day. Yes we have been getting more rain than normal but it is nothing like it is down south of me. While I miss my home state of NH in a way that only those who have moved far from their birthplace could understand, I adore living where I am. I have a wonderful husband, a happy daughter and enough time to write and photograph the beauty around me.

When I went out this morning the sky was DARK. The rain had stopped but it looked like it was going to spring up again at any second. So instead of taking my camera with me when I went shopping I just quickly headed out and did what I could.

Now this is my photo blog, so I should have photos right? Well of course I do. these were taken within the last week or so. The weather  might have made photo ops this morning unlikely but I have been happily taking images all spring. so here you go.

100_0467 100_0469 100_0466 100_0458 Not my best photos but I just adore the scent of these flowers


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