Damn it is humid…or okay rain all ready!

I went out early this morning with the kid because we were told by the radio it would be pouring by now. While I have been told it is pouring across town, it just isn’t here. It is hot, it is humid and I really can’t wait for the rain.

Well the nice thing this morning we got some pretty pics to add to my collection over here right? Hope you enjoy these lovely things.

100_0741 100_0746 100_0750 100_0740 I thought why not do two of wild growing flowers and two of more domesticated flowers. And yes those lovely black looking flowers really were black. In the morning sun they looked like black velvet trumpets! The lovely purple blue weeds were found at the bus stop and the pink and black flowers were from a planter outside of Homesense!

I have been taking photos like a mad woman again. At this time of year flowers are everywhere. They are bright, they are colorful and they make the air smell wonderful. They do their very flowery best to overcome the smells of oil, gas and tar.

I realized when I organized my photos that I have over 1600 floral images. Yes I said 1600! These have all been taken in the past five summers of living in Canada. Over the summers I have wandered only a small part of the city I moved to but I have found a lot of beauty just sitting outside my door. We really need to learn to look at what is around us. Not just the beauty that professional landscapers make for us but the beauty of a simple weed bravely growing up between the cracks of our sidewalks or the edges of our roads. Nature is everywhere if we look for it. I spend so much of my time walking places that I have the time to see a lovely flower hiding among the long stalks of wild grass. Try taking your camera, be it on your phone, tablet or a real camera and just walk about. You can take photos of the flowers in your neighbor’s yard (just the flowers! and stay off their lawns) or that little weedy lot next to the corner store or the pretty flowers outside the doctor’s office. Beauty is everywhere.


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