Monthly Archives: August, 2015

I can’t belief I forgot the memory card!

Yup silly me. I went out with my daughter to check out her new school this morning. It is a bit of a walk from our apartment so I figured I would take the camera and get photos of all the new areas of beauty there is for us. I was doing fine till my …

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Long hot summer

Yup it has been and it will be for another month. Luckily Canada’s weather is no where near as bad as other places. It is hot to me but many find it relaxing and comfortable. So today, even though I will not go outside, I have photos for you of course! Don’t eat those berries! …

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Summer is winding down

In just over a month the kids here will be going back to school. The temps this week have dropped to a level that I can deal with and storms are rocking most of North America. We had a storm this weekend that put paid to pretty much most of the flowers around here. The …

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