Summer is winding down

In just over a month the kids here will be going back to school. The temps this week have dropped to a level that I can deal with and storms are rocking most of North America. We had a storm this weekend that put paid to pretty much most of the flowers around here. The rain came down like a monsoon, almost flowing sideways at one point. We had hail and even a tornado touched down north of me. So I haven’t been out taking photos much. Why not just post up some of the hundreds of images I all ready have? Yes I know i have to be careful and not repost. So here you go. Images from somewhere in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

100_5368 100_4950 100_4976 100_5053 100_5121 100_5124

I think maybe when I finish working on my soon to be released novel I will need to sit down and sort all the images I have..probably by color! It will make it easier to remember which I have used and which I haven’t and where. Hope your summer is going full steam ahead!


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  1. such pretty flowers

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