I can’t belief I forgot the memory card!

Yup silly me. I went out with my daughter to check out her new school this morning. It is a bit of a walk from our apartment so I figured I would take the camera and get photos of all the new areas of beauty there is for us. I was doing fine till my camera said internal memory full! Well that is when I did the WTF face and looked inside. It only took a brief moment for me to remember i left the memory card in the reader attached to my desktop. Silly me!

Well i have lovely images that I did get but the problem is that I can’t access the internal memory of the camera to upload them. I need to get the drivers on my computer to get those photos out but lucky for you lovely blog followers I have more photos I can post that are all ready on my computer.

102_4731 102_4734 100_5897 100_5944 100_6016 100_6021 100_6024 100_6028

With summer coming to an end I plan on getting as many new photos as I can. Summer in central Ontario is not a long season but we have many beautiful things just waiting to be seen.


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