What is it with lawn worship?

As many of you know I really love walking through wild places. The fields that are left to grow wild are my favorite places to take photos. Lately though I am noticing all these crazy lawn worshipers are back. The people that believe the world looks better when the grass is cut to a certain height ad that is it. Drives me nuts. A city should have wild fields where the wild flowers grow and give us beauty. Yes I adore the pretty cultivated flowers, who doesn’t? But you see wild flowers are prettier. They are bright splashes of color in places unexpected.

In part this rant is because of landscapers. The ones hired in my ¬†complex go through with their weed wackers and cut anything down that isn’t grass. Some people have managed to keep their flower gardens but others find all the work they did cut up for mulch. I have seen them destroy peoples gardens with little or no notice. Cutting pumpkin vines or mint leaves or in my case, flowers that I grew from seeds. So while I can I will keep taking photos and sharing them with you lucky blog followers.



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  1. I lieatrlly jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

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