Father’s Day and the first day of summer

Yesterday very early I went out to grab photos. The heat of summer is strongly upon us here in Canada. While it might not be as hot as down in Arizona or New Mexico it is hot and humid here in the great white north. So warm that it was 26 Celsius when I got up at 5:15AM today. It was humid enough yesterday that when I was out at 6am taking photos that I came home drenched in sweat. Just way too hot!

Now the fun part about going out so early on a Sunday morning in my neighborhood is that no one is up. I could walk around, see the animals and take photos of the morning blooming flowers. There are things you don’t see just an hour later in the day. So here are the photos I took. Enjoy the turkey (bigger than the one I had back during the holidays!) to the chipmunk and various snails and insects to really pretty flowers.

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