So very humid

Sitting here with our high humidity, expecting high heat and I am so glad I went out photo questing Saturday with my daughter. We walked up to one of the small ponds Saturday morning, a place that normally is filled with water, colorful flowers and other creatures. Well the fact that the rain we desperately need hadn’t fallen like it should that pond was way down. Normally the lily pads are floating beautifully six feet or so from the edge of the pond. They were lying in a few inches of water right at the shore. Still beautiful though.

So here are some good and some terrible pictures. We spotted a lot of birds who of course teased my camera. From the red winged black birds to the cardinals to the black and white tiny wood pecker and hummingbirds that I could not get an image of, the pond was alive with feathered creatures. And of course there were a ton of frogs. Enjoy our photos.


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