It got a little cooler, but not much

Yup we are really and truly into summer now. Hot days, high humidity, high UV, just really annoying. Now yes I know I live in the great white north so it isn’t as bad as it is down in the deep south but sorry folks it is hot and awful for me. I am not one who deals well with this weather. I get heat exhaustion easy. Muscle aches, light headedness, heavy sweats and of course a massive need to drink water.

So like a wise person who really cant deal with heat I do my photo trip early in the day. Generally before 10am the latest, mostly around 6 am if I can do it. I really want to try doing photos around dusk but generally I am too busy doing the whole wife/mother/cook/cleaner thing.

Okay enough babbling. We all know you come here to see my photos. So how about some pretty photos?


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