Databases and new photos

Been a while hasn’t it readers? One of the reasons of course has been that weather here in Canada has been bad for photographs. Between a long winter, a ton of rain and landscapers the usual wild flowers I photograph are pretty scarce right now. I went on one of my walk but to a different area of the neighborhood to try and find new images to post up.

Before that I decided to put together a database of all the images I have posted up here  in the years since I started this blog. I am going into my seventh summer living in Canada and the amount of photos I have posted on line is quite large. I spend an entire day pulling the image file names from this site. Pages and pages of file names and now I am working on getting them into a database. I would say I am about two thirds through posting into the DB but after I finish that it will take me longer to go through my very big photo files and move them into a posted file. So glad you followers are patient.

But as I said I have many new photos. I decided that I will continue posting. Even if I don’t get them into the database right away. So please enjoy my few and faithful. I hope the beauty I found on my hour long Mother’s Day walk will give you a smile.



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