Oh wow it is Canada Day again

Yup this is my seventh Canada day. Remembering back to my very first one I can see how far I have come. That first one I broke my right wrist, nasty enough that I had to have surgery to insert pins (they looked like Allen wrenches on the xray) and spent that first summer and part of the fall in a god awful pink cast from my fingertips to my armpit. It was AWEFUL.

Today I still feel the effects of that accident. In fact right now thanks to the humidity outside my wrist is a bit swollen and a bit numb. Expected after a reverse coliers fracture after all. Lets just say…don’t do that!

In the years since I moved here I have taken oh so many photos, some good, a few amazing and a number bad, some so bad you folks will never see them. I have gone through a number of cameras over that time. My original camera was a good workhorse but there came a time when the battery compartment door refused to stay closed. I then borrowed my hubby’s camera and it was a good one but it seemed to not like anyone other than him using it. Yes folks electronics in my home seem to have major personalities and preferred users.

I have of course been using my recent camera for a year now. I fantastic camera for taking photos of flora, not so much for fauna. The speed of the focus generally is the issue. I have a ton of blurs as I tried to photograph birds or I should say had. The great thing about going digital over the old tried and true film is that you can just delete those less than awesome pictures at not cost other than time.

The past few weeks I have been experimenting with using the camera on two different tablets and some old phones. See in our home most of the equipment is either older than dirt or secondhand. Heck my current tablet I found in the electronic recycling bin across the street during the rain! Once it was dried off we found that this RCA older laplet works just fine. I have used it to web serf, draw and even take a few photos. Now I wont post those here because well they were of my daughter. I try not to share too many photos of my now 14 year old beauty.

Yesterday I shared photos that I took with an old phone that no longer can make calls or text but you can still use to take photos and listen to music. Anyone who follows all my crazy blogs or social media knows that I dont believe in all in one devices because when one thing stops working you generally have to replace the whole unit. Using an old phone to take quickie photos or to listen to music while out shopping is a great trade off and keeps things out of the landfill right?

Now yes I have an awesome digital camera and an older IPod 30G for music but somedays I want something smaller in my pocket. While when I go out for my walks I want my lovely camera, when I am carting a backpack of coffee, tea, spices and pasta in a shopping run it is easier to have something smaller.

Why not bring the IPod? Well this model doesn’t have external

speakers and some days I just cant find my earbuds, so having a device that I can listen to without them is helpful.

Okay I seem to have babbled on here. Not something you followers want or expect huh? How about I look back and give you a throwback photo from past Canada Days?

The above photos are from July 1, 2011. That was the second summer I spent here. As you can imagine from my babble above I couldn’t take photos during July 2010. Why you ask? Well you see I broke my right wrist. While it wasn’t too bad because I am left handed, it was when it came to taking photos. Have you noticed that all cameras have their shutter button on the right side? Just another way us lefties have it harder than you would think. Well Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends, family and followers. I have really enjoyed living up here and being able to create.



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