Happy Fourth of July America

Just this weekend Canada celebrated its 150th birthday. Today America is celebrating its 241th birthday. In the scope of countries around the world, neither is really all that old but it is interesting to see just how close the celebrations are. They both are filled with national pride and lots of fireworks.

I can honestly say that while fireworks are very pretty I hate the noise. We have had them going off here in Barrie since June 30th. Last night they were going off after midnight…really that is annoying when you are trying to go to sleep. I am hoping that today will be the last night of this up here. I prefer hearing bird calls over booms personally.

What does this have to do with my photo blog you ask? Well no I don’t have photos of fireworks. I would have to walk to the center of town to see them and folks, that is a really long walk! Generally we take the bus if we are getting out of the local area and well, we didnt.

So I thought I would post up photos that invoke the colors of my old home and my new home. Some red/white/blue for the old US and some red/white for Canada. Now I admit that I dont have any pictures with red/white/blue all together. This is Canada after all and you will see red and white but not blue.


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