Its Saturday again! Yippee

While the humidity is here to stay I will admit that summer is the best time for photos in Ontario. There are all kinds of flowers, both garden and wild, blooming all over. Because this summer is the 150th anniversary of Canada there does seem to be a lot of red and white all over.  Many of the neighbors in this complex have actually tried to spiff up with red and white flowers, which can be tough.

I admit we don’t have flowers out front, but that is mostly due to the landscapers who love to weed wack everything I put out there. My back patio no longer has the small sections that were earth filled since they dug up our back yard a wee back but that isn’t important here.

Around the complex I have taken and posted many photos but when I was out with my daughter we took photos over by the local pharmacy. They are actually kinda cool. These three shots were done by my wonderful and talented fourteen year old daughter with that little LG phone camera. The blurry little white thing is one of the many mushrooms that are popping up all over thanks to the humidity and rain. The camera did not pick up the delicate shades of brown and purple that threaded this tiny long stemmed mushroom. The red is actually a not yet open flower but of course the best is the delicate white/lavender bloom that she caught with the pharmacy in the background.


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