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Holiday weekend for North America

Yup In Canada Friday was Canada day and Monday (today) is the 4th of July in the US. Holidays abound as do the loud use of fireworks. Since Friday all I hear at night is a lot of bangs from the fireworks and unlike a lot of people, I really can’t wait till they are …

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Happy Almost Thanksgiving my friends

Thursday will be the day of food and family. Now whether you eat or cook, watch football or a good movie, you will be with those you love. Here in Canada it is just another day but back home my family is spread about the states and each is preparing to do different things. I …

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Happy Veterans/Remembrance Day everyone

Another year and we are back to this solemn day. It is more solemn this year in Canada. In the past few weeks we have lost three service men. One was a training accident but two were taken out by misguided fools. Even though I am not Canadian by birth I have married one who …

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