Humidity…it sucks

It might be officially only 19C with a real feel of 24c but I don’t care what they say it feels a lot hotter. The humidity is sitting at 83% and supposedly low UV but I am looking out of my window and sun is streaming in strongly. It is just too bright, to hot nad too humid to do much today for me. I know some of you are used to much hotter temps or higher humidity but remember folks I life in Canada! So here are some pretty flowers that are growing over by the local grocery store.


A week or so later

Last night we went to pick up pizza and the show is over by the Shopper’s drug mart. I have posted images from there earlier and a week later the buds have opened nicely on the ones I posted up before.


Finally back

Yeah I know I have been gone a week. Between connectivity issues with WordPress, getting ready for a family visit, having my Eldest daughter come to visit from the US, the after math and then going to a Game Expo, well I just haven’t had time till today to post. I did take some nice little photos over the weekend so here you go.


Due to connectivity issues with WordPress I have not been posting. I will be back to daily posting on Monday.

taking a day

having issues uploading images to the blog right now so I am calling today a picture free day while I figure out if I should just make a new photo blog or not.

So far it is nice out

Looks like the rain thunder and sunshine then repeat is over for the moment. It is till warm…okay HUMID. I swear the temps arent that bad but it is humid in here!

Wash and repeat.

One of the worst parts of summer, in my mind, is the cycle of heat, humidity, rain, humidity, heat and more. Now that we are stepping into August the heat and humidity will be ratcheting up to levels that the weather people say is perfect and I say is way too hot. I am living in the supposed great white north but at times I see it is warmer here than it is way south of us. Which in my opinion is way wrong.

Thankfully I still have a ton of beautiful flowers that I have taken photos of over hte last seven summers and here are some now.

And humidity reins

Oddly enough it isn’t the highest i have seen it but 69% humidity turns 26 c into 33 c. Certainly not my favorite for sure


A new week

It is interesting

Okay I admit that I am a curious photographer. While I share my eye view of the world around me I do look into other photographers offerings. I post my stuff up on Instagram, Tumblr, 500px, flickr, google+ and other sites. So of course I view other photographers. There are some amazing photos up that make me wish I had better equipment and was less physically broken but then I have a few photos that make me realize that no matter what shape you are in or how cheap or old your equipment is, beauty is in the eye of the photographer. And just in case you followers were wondering I don’t photoshop my photos unless I am trying to focus on one thing in a large image. Generally these are straight from the camera with no retouching. The only thing I use is the zoom feature on whatever camera I have.