Friday, my kinda day

Yup the end of another week for the working folks on my list. I am very very lucky that my work is at home. Being a writer/poet/artist/wife/mother…well I get to do a lot of stuff most of you dont because I have the time to thanks to a wonderful spouse who supports my writing and art. So once more I have lovely pictures for you today. Enjoy and I hope you all have a nice sunny, warm and friendly weekend with your family and friends. Now I might not be posting tomorrow or Sunday as we are moving my work space and rerunning all the cables.

Thursday…what a warm and sunny day

We are having a brief day of sun here in Ontario. We may not have been raining like other places but we have had a lot of days clouds and rain, so seeing the sun is a good thing. Today I give you the creatures of Mill Creek.

Wednesday…I dont have a song for it

Yeah it is fun to do titles with song lyrics but to be honest I don’t know one with Wednesday. I did a search and yes there are songs but as I dont know them so I wont use them.

So how about some pretty pics instead?

Tuesday…yet more rain

Yes folks Ontario is getting a LOT of rain. The sun is sorta out but there are enough dark clouds over head to make a photo wander unlikely yet again. Good thing I take so very many photos huh? Today how about a collection of photos through the slats?

Monday Monday

Yeah i know song lyric headers but can’t help it. My head is filled with song cues at times.

Rainy days and Sundays

Okay not the actual title of that fun song but what the heck right? So how about just some random prettiness today?

How about some sunny yellow flowers to brighten those sunny days

A lot of you have been drenched in weather for the past week. We had our share but it isn’t too bad up here. So just enjoy

Shades of purple mean summer in Canada

Okay pretty soon I am going to have to close this blog and move to a new one as I am running out of space. But for now I have a lovely collection of the many, many purple flowers that are found both wild and cultivated in the Mill Creek area.

Tulips say spring right?

As I was sorting through the many many many photos I take I noticed that this year Tulips seem to be a favorite in the neighborhood…so why not post up my collection of tulips today? Enjoy

How about photos of something other than flowers?

Okay I admit most of my photos that I post are of flowers. My camera is not the fastest thing in the world but I have a good eye. During my most recent walks I have been wandering around and I decided I needed to take photos of more than nature. There are interesting landscaping done with things like old plows, wagon wheels and sculptures. So why dont I just post them up right?