And humidity reins

Oddly enough it isn’t the highest i have seen it but 69% humidity turns 26 c into 33 c. Certainly not my favorite for sure


A new week

It is interesting

Okay I admit that I am a curious photographer. While I share my eye view of the world around me I do look into other photographers offerings. I post my stuff up on Instagram, Tumblr, 500px, flickr, google+ and other sites. So of course I view other photographers. There are some amazing photos up that make me wish I had better equipment and was less physically broken but then I have a few photos that make me realize that no matter what shape you are in or how cheap or old your equipment is, beauty is in the eye of the photographer. And just in case you followers were wondering I don’t photoshop my photos unless I am trying to focus on one thing in a large image. Generally these are straight from the camera with no retouching. The only thing I use is the zoom feature on whatever camera I have.

Its raining, wait it stopped

Ah the joy of summer in Ontario. It rains and the air is wetter than it was before hand. I hate humidity when it is high. Yesterday I went out with the daughter and we wandered the creek a little bit. It is amazing the changes that happen after seven years.

Is it Wednesday all ready?

sorted through way too many photos

I spent a good part of yesterday evening sorting through the hundreds of photos on my desktop. Yeah like I said I take a LOT of photos. The 300 hundred or so I sorted through yesterday was just from this year.

Found some good ones, some better ones and some amazing ones. I will post a few for today and then go back to finding those with interesting bits and do other things with them.

It is morning of Monday again

Yet another humid day with lots of sun.

Yup went out with my daughter for lunch and like always we walk. The good thing about not having a car is you get lots of exercise, the bad thing is when the weather is either HOT and HUMID or wet or snowy or really cold, well you wish you had one.

Of course I took a camera with me. So we have a good batch of photos to share.

Wy wont it just rain?

Went out twice today, got some nice images but damn it is hot today

Raining out…mostly

As today is going to be half wet and half icky I decided to grab my camera, dash out to the front stairs and take a few photos of the rain on the various flowers. Course I hadnt realized I hadn’t put the memory card in the camera. Thankfully with the usb cable I can grab them directly from the camera to my computer. So here are a few quick shots to enjoy…is that sirens I am hearing?